Parade Registration Sign-up

Join us!  Sign up for the Night Parade or Day Parade!


Requirements, Instructions, & Safety Regulations


● Parade line-up begins 30 minutes prior to Parade start time.  You may arrive as early as 30 minutes prior to the Parade start time, but no later than 15 minutes prior to the start time.  Parades stage from Howell & Spring Street back past the Library.  Approach the staging area from upper Spring Street, or by coming up Hillside Ave.

● All parade entries must be appropriately decorated with festive Mardi Gras decor!

● Political organizations or candidates for office are prohibited. Elected officials are invited to participate.

● A parade is forward moving entertainment!  A gap can kill the energy of a parade.  PLEASE REMAIN NO MORE THAN 4 CAR LENGTHS APART.  Don’t crowd the parade entry ahead of you, but it is critical that you keep up!

● All Performances must be pre-approved!  Performances are only allowed in front of Basin Park and can not be longer than 45 seconds.

● The throwing of beads, favors, and/or candy from your float is encouraged! This is extremely fun and leads to cheers and fun interaction. SAFETY FIRST!!  DO NOT encourage anyone to approach your float or vehicle!  “TOSS” all items a safe distance AWAY FROM THE ROAD AND VEHICLES AND FLOATS!

● ALL drivers of any type of vehicle must be at least 16 years of age and hold a valid state driver’s license

● Entry Fee: FREE   (This parade is a celebration for Eureka Springs, produced by Krewe of Krazo)

● Please note there will not be an area to park parade entries at the end of the parade route. Please make plans to disperse after the parade.

● Identifying banners are encouraged.  Consider adding banner walkers in front of your float or vehicle.

● All children must be under adult supervision. It is preferred that all children be on a float or truck. If not, they must be able to walk fast enough to keep up.

● ALL entry registrations are subject to review by the parade organizers. You will be contacted immediately if there is an issue with your registration.

● Equestrian entries must provide their own cleanup crew.

 Be Attentive, Drive Safe, Have Fun, & Don’t Create a Gap


Thank You for Participating in our Mardi Gras Parade!