Court Grandees

Court Grandees

Court Grandee – Krewe of Krazo

A Tiered Level Category of Membership in the Krewe of Krazo

A Court Grandee is an individual who has expressed interest in the support and promotion of the Krewe of Krazo and the Eureka Gras Mardi Gras Extravaganza –

and who wishes to participate in the Royal Grand Scheme with its entitlements and responsibilities, as follows:


Gateway up the Membership Chain within the Krewe of Krazo.

Eligibility for becoming a Duke or Duchess in the Krewe Royal Court.

Eligibility in becoming a “Senior” Court Grandee.

Eligibility for gaining membership into the Corps du Cavalier.

Eligibility for becoming King or Queen


Participate in Court Grandee meetings.

Participate in the Joint Cavalier/Grandee meeting in October.

Participate in annual events produced by the Krewe of Krazo and the Eureka Gras Mardi Gras Extravaganza.

Process Official Agreement and dues annually


A “Court Grandee” is an “Invited” individual who must have the same qualifications as a Cavalier and subscribes to a similar formal membership agreement.  This “Invitation” is extended by result of a voting process of members of the Corps du Cavalier.

A Court Grandee is entitled to being drafted to become a Duke or Duchess, if not already part of their portfolio.

A Court Grandee, who has been Duke or Duchess, and has reached second year status, is eligible to become a “Senior” Court Grandee by invitation of the Corps du Cavalier.

This level entitles them to wear a Purple Sash similar to the Gold Sash worn by Cavaliers.

The Senior Court Grandee is qualified for inclusion in the nominating pool for King and Queen.  They must abide by the same eligibility process as a Cavalier where their deeds should demonstrate their participation for selection.

Members of the Court Grandees will be posted on the Krewe of Krazo web site and in the annual Coronation Program.


Current Court Grandees

Steve Cochran
Tim Cross
Pam Cross
Brad Eskridge
Melinda Eskridge
Nathan Handley
Jimbo Heffernen
Damon Henke
Sheila Killion
Bren Marshell
Brenda Marshell
Lisa Moore
Lilah Stiger
Chuck Olson
Michelle Reeves
Carrie Reece
Charlie Reece
Pam Schmidt
Ben Sharum
Randall Vaughn
Teresa Vaughn
Rich Whitney