Corps du Cavalier

The Corps du Cavalier was formed in 2010 as the formal arm of the Krewe of Krazo to perpetuate Eureka Gras for all time and to officiate over some of the prime events that make up the 10-day Carnival Gala.

The “Corp du Cavalier” is limited to 17 with 11 members having committed to 3 years  of minimum enrollment.  

 These “Cavaliers” are entitled to be members of the Royal Court — either a Duke or a Duchess — a Duke or Duchess may serve more often than just once.  Or they may select anyone of their choosing to represent them for each year’s Royal Court.

     Future Kings and Queens will first be chosen from the Cavaliers;  if none, then drawn from past Royal Court members;  if none, then drawn from those guests who have participated in the past;  if none, then by decision of the Captain.

     In a formal election, Rod McGuire was elected president, Steve Roberson was elected Treasurer and Phyllis McGuire was elected Secretary.


Your Corps du Cavalier

Chuck Baer
Doc Beahm
Kat Beahm
Pam Davenport
Cathy Handley
Larry Handley
Autumn Hudgins
Marie Lee
Tracey Lovett
Phyllis McGuire
Rod Mcguire
Charles Mowrey
Robin Mowrey
Mary Popovac – Captain
Tony Popovac
Steve Roberson
Chris Patton-Rodgers
Stephen Rodgers
Richard Schoenofer
Scott Smith
Tanya Smith
Mary Springer
Diana Raye Sturtz